With numerous stylish collections to choose from, we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our exquisitely designed merchandise. No matter what your style might be, whether it is Contemporary, Oriental, Classic or even Country, you can create the style that will surely matches your need. With our state-of-the-art technology, our fabrics are carefully manufactured from a high quality natural silk.

All of our products are also carefully impregnated with top quality colors to ensure a long-lasting as well as ravishing colors. Since our textiles are masterfully woven by hand, the furniture decorating fabrics by Jolie Femme, unlike others, possess very uniquely firm as well as flexible texture. As a result, our products are not only ideal for furniture ornaments, but also for other household applications such as drapes, bed linens, table cloths.

Our new service can provide the specialsilkproduct follow the customer’s need. The customer can add the specific symbol or wording like the brand logo in theproductto present the brand image in theorganization.It also can be used in the special event like the meeting conference to emphasize the brand.


  • Dress for the ceremony, meeting, conference or the special event in the organization.
  • Working uniform for hotel, spa, restaurant, etc.


  • Gift for the organizations to thank you their customer in the special festival like Christmas, New year, Songkran (Thailand’s new year), or etc.

Decorative item

  • Brocade silk purse, Thai art picture on silk, table and bed runner, bed set, etc.

  • Fine selection of pure natural and quality silk thread
  • Permanently dyed by using the best eco-friendly dye from Germany
  • Neat hand woven process to preserve the Thai Lanna traditional heritage
  • Designing to blend the Thai traditional identity and international style together, emphasize in every producing process
  • Maintain and continue the art of Sankampang-Chiang Mai handicraft and to enhance economic community.
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